“I received the 20 copies of the limited edition cover version and I am more than happy! You made me very proud. It looks wonderful. Thank you so much again!” – Marcel B. Advertisements

Oregon artist Trygve Faste explores the kinetic architecture of such transformations. His work experiments with the way lines organize space dimensionally, how angles catch and refract light, and the way color is dispersed across conjoining planes. Faste suggests that within the context of consumer culture, image and form combine to seduce and manipulate perception, pushing culture […]

Whitecross Street in east London is just a memory stick’s throw from an area that has recently been dubbed the “silicon roundabout” for playing host to a growing coterie of tech companies. However one fine, late-summer afternoon all of that humming immaterial labor looked awfully anaemic in proximity as a crane-equipped flatbed truck unloaded 25 […]

The Fluctuations portfolio highlights artists working directly with printmaking processes, and also artists working with print concepts. The consideration of producing multiples, and the processes investigated in doing so, make Fluctuations both an exercise in coproduction and experimentation. With the help of our guest jurors Kyle Simon and Jon Irving, Fluctuations was curated to give […]

The New York Public Library: The Architecture and Decoration of the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building  Anatole Ashraf   One of the many reasons we can (proudly, loudly) call our city the greatest in the world are our public libraries. The idea of a library being completely open to the public, and most importantly free, was […]

Dear Mr Lubelski, it is quite hard to find nowadays a magazine and website where it can be found so much and so good information about the  contemporary art scene. Therefore, and first of all, congratulations for your work in the sometimes complicated task of promoting, broadcasting, spreading and supporting initiatives in the world of art and […]

Occupy Wall Street: NYC Wakes Up Rose Hobart Late 16th France, while one of the richest and most powerful nations in Europe at the time, was facing formidable economic difficulty. Louis XVI, his ministers, and the nobility quickly found themselves unpopular. This was largely due to the fact, that the peasant classes were burdened with […]