NY Arts Magazine and Marta Czok

Timelessness can be translated as the quality of being eternal, ageless, immortal, or not affected by time. This sense of perpetual time is evident in the insightful work of Marta Czok. In Czok’s paintings there is a sense of profound mystery as figures are bracketed and framed by adjacent solid color canvases. These adjoining canvases create a cinematic quality that distills time and evokes a feeling of suspension. This suspended void, as it were, allows for a stage or platform in which figures act out a plethora of human expressions. Marta Czok’s work invokes a world full of wondrous insights into the many facets of humanity. The way she illustrates towers, machines, mannequins, and the human figure is evocative and compelling. Each painting reconstructs a narrative that has specificity but also universal appeal. With irony, wit, satire, and warmth she creates work that touches on personal and political sentiments with great poignancy.




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