Finding exciting emerging artists online can be quite the daunting feat, as nearly any person can put their work online, only to have it drift away into the obscurity that is the millions of sites that exist to show artwork. NY Arts wants to bring some of those sites back from the deep recesses of […]

So I spoke to my colleagues in Taiwan last evening. They were thrilled to hear that NY Arts is one of our media sponsors now. Derek A., Art Revolution Taipei Fair

Good afternoon, I just received 2 copies of the NY Arts magazine. Thank you so much! I also received Art Fairs International Newspaper. Congratulations to all your team. Thanks again for everything and have a nice weekend! Best regards, Eliora B.

Hello, again! Well, I really do want to thank you again for your interest, and for being in touch with me. I know that at this time I cannot afford the publicity fee, but more importantly, I am currently working hard to bulk up the body of work that I am able to post on […]

I have spent most of my life going to museums, enjoying the greatest 
artists of the past. Having my work being compared to theirs has taken 
me a little aback. This is what I meant about using art to remember,
 as I have never set out to copy a certain style, it is obvious that […]

A big thank you for all the support you have given me. My work looked great at Broadway Gallery. For me it was such a thrill to walk off the elevator and boom there is was. We had such a great time getting to know your friends and my sister has a wonderful photo of […]